Hosted PBX

Computers & Networks, Inc. offers a Hosted PBX Phone System that simplifies telecom for small- and medium-sized companies.

It’s a cloud-based business telephony solution that’s chock full of advanced features that make communications so much easier for your internal and external customers. And, the benefits that result from switching to a Hosted PBX from a complicated traditional phone system are numerous.

Hosted PBX is feature-rich:

  • Call routing directly to Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Voicemails and faxes transferred to email
  • Customized hold music and messaging
  • Easy access web-based video conferencing
  • Advanced auto-attendant / digital receptionist settings
  • Calls from your CRM software without switching applications

Hosted PBX provides plenty of benefits:

  • Reliability and major savings are found in the cloud
  • Far less equipment to install and manage
  • Plug-and-play with your existing IT infrastructure
  • Software-based systems are easy to set up and manage
  • Technical support calls to a designated account representative
  • Browser-based interface makes changing settings or adding users simple

Hosted PBX has become the dynamic, easy-to-use phone system of choice for small- and medium-sized business across all industries. Watch this short video to see the difference!