Network Design and Implementation

If your network isn’t fast, stable, and secure, then your employees won’t be as productive and your business will be at risk.

These problems usually result from poor network design and implementation. Luckily, Computers & Networks has decades of experience optimizing IT networks for small- and medium-sized businesses in and around Memphis.

Serious effort must be put into designing, implementing, and monitoring your network infrastructure, which we do through our
five-fold process:

  • Inspect your existing network infrastructure thoroughly
  • Present detailed design plan that addresses areas of deficiency
  • Evaluate the security and compliance of your entire network
  • Ensure unified communications, cloud computing, and virtualization capabilities
  • Implement the new design using advanced hardware and software tools

As soon as your business network is optimized with enterprise-level processing speeds, security settings, storage capacity, and data protection, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Increased productivity - Your staff will be able to finish tasks more quickly and make certain that all your clients’ SLAs are met and even exceeded.

Elevated safety levels - It is extremely important to the success of your business to keep your company’s intellectual property and your staff and customers’ personal information private.

Improved cost efficiencies - Companies operating on expertly designed networks using state-of-the-art routers and cabling experience far less downtime.

In addition, since your goal is for your business to grow, we ensure that you have the flexibility to expand your network as needed with more systems and with nearly no downtime.

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